Surface of stainless steel electrolytic polishing

Electrolytic polishing is the opposite of electroplating, it is not in the substrate deposited chromium or nickel, but stainless steel as the anode, using a specially formulated electrolytic solution electrolysis, leaching off the surface of stainless steel 2 to 40 microns thick thin layer, a good corrosion resistance, smooth, clean, bright body. The smoothness of the surface is determined by the condition of the metal surface before processing. In order to get a mirror surface, it is best to use BA plate as the original plate for electrolytic polishing.

The electrolytically polished surface is more resistant to corrosion than the mechanically polished surface. The surface roughness in microns is about half of that of electrochemical polishing.

Electrolytic polishing is used in the food industry, beverage industry and medical industry because of its non-polluting surface and easy cleaning in use. Because of the good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance of this surface, it is also used as many stainless steel components, such as car locks, vehicle lattice windows, car speakers, etc.