As one long-time customer said, “I can’t buy multiple types of stainless steel materials and stainless steel semi-finished products from anyone in the market without getting exorbitant processing fees and materials fees.”

We offer stainless steel in a variety of materials and all types of stainless steel materials, and we provide processing, you can get one-stop service from us


WO CHANG means fertile and prosperous in Chinese.

WO CHANG is located in Wuxi, the largest stainless steel production base in China.Here stainless steel atmosphere strong, convenient transportation, close to the port, known as China’s stainless steel city

WO CHANG is a stainless steel raw material products manufacturer, stainless steel semi-finished product processing, as well as many domestic and foreign steel mills distributors.

Our stainless steel coil, plate, strip, bar, pipe and so on are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, electric power, automobile, shipbuilding, food, pharmaceutical, decoration and other fields


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