200 series stainless steel material is chrome-manganese austenitic stainless steel other name, this kind of material is on the basis of chrome-nickel series austenitic stainless steel, add manganese and nitrogen to steel instead of precious metal nickel element and developed, the austenitic element in this material, in addition to manganese and nitrogen, generally there is a moderate amount of nickel, manganese in steel plays the role of stabilizing austenitic, Because nitrogen is very good solution strengthening, improve the strength of austenitic stainless steel, so this series of stainless steel, suitable for heavy load and corrosion resistance requirements are not too high on the equipment and parts.


201 Stainless steel, has a certain acid resistance, alkali resistance, high density, polishing no bubble, no pinhole and other characteristics, is the production of all kinds of watchcase, watchband bottom cover quality material. Mainly used to do decorative pipe, industrial pipe, some shallow stretching products.

China China Unites States United States United States Germany Europe Japan Russia
GB1220-2007 (GB1220-92) ASTM UNS SAE (DIN) EN10088:1/EN10095 (JIS) (TOCT)
12Cr17Mn6Ni5N 1Cr17Mn6Ni5N 201 S20100 30201 1.4371 X12CrMnNi17-7-5 SUS201 12X17T9AH4