In terms of global production, since 2009, global stainless steel crude steel production has steadily increased, and in 2018 global stainless steel crude steel production exceeded 50 million tons to 50.73 million tons, an increase of 104% compared with 2009; in 2020, under the impact of the global epidemic, it still reached 50.892 million tons. According to the International Stainless Steel Organization/ISSF, global stainless steel crude steel production reached 58.29 million tons in 2021, up 12.54% from 51.79 million tons in 2020.

  Early global stainless steel production capacity is distributed in developed countries, after 2002, the European Union, Japan and other Western stainless steel giants have expanded market share in Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and so on. In recent years, global stainless steel crude steel production growth relies on emerging economies, its main contribution to China and Indonesia, while Indonesia is mainly 300 series.  

Other countries and regions, Europe, America and Africa, production is relatively stable, the Asian countries Japan and South Korea, total stainless steel production basically increased by a limited amount. China has dominated the global production increment in recent years, production has increased steadily since 2009, breaking through 10 million tons in 2010, 20 million tons in 2014, and 30 million tons to 34.18 million tons in 2021, accounting for 58.64% of global production.